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  • 兩癌篩查信息管理系統解決方案

    摘要: 兩癌篩查對于保障婦女健康有重要意義,全國各地兩癌篩查工作均逐步納入政府惠民工程,相關費用由財政負擔。但是在實際篩查管理中,存在如下
    Two cancer screening is of great significance for ensuring women's health. Cancer screening work across the country has gradually been incorporated into government welfare projects, and the relevant costs are borne by the government. However, in actual screening management, there are the following issues:
    1. Repeated screening
    Women of appropriate age participate in multiple cancer screenings or repeat screenings within a specified year, resulting in waste of resources.
    2. Manual filling is time-consuming and laborious
    Doctors go to the grassroots level for screening. First, they print the screening report and manually fill it out on-site. For the inspection and testing items, they need to obtain the inspection report before transcribing it. After completing all the filling, the data is summarized and counted, and then reported.
    3. The workload cannot be accurately calculated
    Two cancer screening is paid to relevant units through government purchase of services, so the premise is to accurately assess the progress of each unit's work during the screening process. Traditional manual methods can only rely on the report data reported by grassroots units, and cannot establish accurate statistics based on individual cases.
    4. No continuous screening data
    Based on manual or standalone versions of screening systems, it is not possible to centrally manage multiple cancer screening data suitable for women, and it is not possible to access past medical history information during diagnosis, which affects the development of related scientific research projects.
    In view of the status quo and problems encountered in the above screening work, it is proposed to use the Internet and Big data analysis technology to carry out information management of the two cancer screening work.
    Construction objectives
    Establish a two cancer screening information management system: establish a complete and consistent two cancer screening file for women within the jurisdiction, which can continuously track services, establish a good image of two cancer screening work, and provide convenience for hospitals to expand and extend services;
    Eliminating duplicate checks: Unique identification based on ID card eliminates the phenomenon of duplicate checks in one cycle year, reducing the waste of national resources;
    Establishing rich query and statistical functions, automatically generating various statistical analysis reports, improving follow-up information, and helping to establish a regional women's cancer research base;
    After the screening is completed, the system automatically generates ledgers, reports, and performance reports, realizing the hospital's two cancer screening assessment mechanism based on workload performance, which can provide the work enthusiasm of the screening unit.
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