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  • 慢病管理平臺服務的價值在哪些方面?

    摘要: 慢病管理以改進診療效果、降低醫療成本為目標,貫徹慢性病標準診療指南,針對慢性病治療,提倡一體化的病程干預及管理機制。The goal of
    The goal of chronic disease management is to "improve diagnosis and treatment effectiveness, reduce medical costs", implement standard diagnosis and treatment guidelines for chronic diseases, and promote integrated disease course intervention and management mechanisms for chronic disease treatment.
    1. Increase awareness of medical institutions
    The chronic disease management platform can provide strong support for grassroots medical institutions, thereby increasing the visibility of medical institutions. The platform provides a new and scientific approach to the treatment of chronic diseases, which can fully improve medical standards.
    2. Increase revenue
    Through the chronic disease management system platform, we provide high-quality and satisfactory services to patients, retain old patients, and reduce patient turnover. For new patients with difficult diseases, we receive diagnosis and treatment through the help of experts on the platform; The platform provides a new set of long-term and continuous treatment methods, adding a new avenue of revenue.
    3. Reduce the workload of doctors and improve medical efficiency
    Doctors no longer need to browse through a large amount of previous medical records or ask many questions to understand the patient's situation. On the platform, they can easily and quickly browse all the medical information and related indicator curves of patients, locate the issues of concern, and understand the comprehensive situation of patients; For long-term treatment patients, the system provides a treatment plan and regularly reminds doctors of the patients who need treatment and the treatment content, helping doctors easily manage long-term patients.
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