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  • 醫院職業病體檢管理信息系統介紹

    摘要: 職業健康體檢種類多而繁雜,體檢者身份難以確認,出現冒名頂替,各類報表繁多復對面這些職業病體檢常見的問題難題,體檢中心需進行信息化建
    There are many and complex types of occupational health examinations, and it is difficult to confirm the identity of the examinee. There are many fake names and reports to address these common problems and difficulties in occupational disease examinations. The examination center needs to carry out information construction.
    Unlike private hospitals and institutions, public hospitals serve as a benchmark in the industry and play a demonstrative role. How can the occupational health examination information system of the medical examination center carry out informatization? What are the purposes of the occupational disease examination management information system in public hospitals?
    Batch import of occupational information, recommended mandatory items
    The occupational disease physical examination system can batch import enterprise employee information, including basic information, occupational history, medical history, occupational disease basic data settings, including industry, workshop work type, radiation work type, hazardous factors, etc. It can be based on occupational hazardous factors and occupational categories.
    In practical application, the occupational disease examination system has added a "radiation occupational examination" functional module, providing more convenient and efficient examination services for radiation occupational health examinations.
    Identity verification function to ensure data authenticity
    Click on the "ID identification" button on the registration page of the occupational disease medical examination system and the medical examination doctor's desk. In the pop-up photo collection window, click to take a photo. The photo will be compared with the ID card photo, and the comparison results will be reminded to the doctor in the form of a window to ensure data authenticity.
    Occupational disease and health standard data, critical value reminder
    The Xinglin Qixian Occupational Disease Physical Examination System is equipped with comprehensive occupational disease symptoms and data standards based on the occupational hazards that workers are exposed to. It can be customized, modified, and maintained according to the center's situation; Can intelligently determine the critical value of occupational diseases and issue warning and reminder messages.
    Automatic generation function of target diseases for occupational diseases and contraindications
    When the harmful factors, diagnosis, symptoms, and type of the physical examination personnel match the control relationship of a certain disease, the Xinglin Qixian Occupational Disease Physical Examination System automatically matches and displays the name of the target disease in the diagnostic conclusion text box, greatly shortening the examination time, improving the examination efficiency, and reducing the probability of missed diagnosis.
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