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  • 區域兩癌篩查管理系統可以哪些問題?

    摘要: 1.重復篩查適齡婦女一年中在多地參加兩癌篩查或者在規定的年度內重復篩查,造成資源的浪費。、1 Repeated screening of eligible wo
    1. Repeated screening of eligible women who participate in cancer screening in multiple locations within a year or repeat screening within a specified year, resulting in waste of resources
    2. Manual filling is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Doctors go to the grassroots level for screening, first print the screening report, and manually fill it out on-site. For inspection and testing items, they need to obtain the inspection report before transcribing it. After completing all the filling, the data is summarized and counted, and then reported.
    3. The workload cannot be accurately calculated. Cancer screening is paid to relevant units through government purchase of services, so the premise is to accurately assess the progress of each unit's work during the screening process. Traditional manual methods can only rely on the report data reported by grassroots units, and cannot establish accurate statistics based on individual cases.
    4. Without continuous screening data based on manual or standalone screening systems, it is not possible to centrally manage multiple cancer screening data suitable for women, and it is not possible to access past medical history information during diagnosis, which affects the development of related scientific research projects. In view of the status quo and problems encountered in the above screening work, it is proposed to use the Internet and Big data analysis technology to carry out information management of the two cancer screening work.
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