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  • 醫院健康體檢管理系統的優勢有哪些?

    摘要: 通過健康體檢系統,可實現體檢軟件與HIS、LIS、PACS儀器設備的對接,實現體檢中心全程信息化、自動化、無紙化管理,能夠極大提高工作效率,
    Through the health examination system, the docking of the examination software with HIS, LIS and PACS instruments and equipment can be realized, and the whole process information, automation and Paperless office management of the examination center can be realized, which can greatly improve the work efficiency and significantly improve the quality of physical examination. The advantages of a health examination system mainly include the following:
    Reduce personnel costs: Individual and group registration is convenient, and information can be automatically collected or processed with one click by importing Excel tables, reducing manual input by personnel and minimizing input errors as much as possible
    Improving work efficiency and quality: The digital collection and processing method ensures the accuracy of physical examination information and the efficiency of information transmission; Real time monitoring of business processes, with clear and clear links, improves the quality of physical examinations and work efficiency.
    Standardize medical examination conclusions, write neatly: positive signs, department summary, medical examination conclusions and recommendations are more standardized and unified; In the past, handwritten data often made it difficult for examiners to distinguish the handwriting content after obtaining their own medical records due to the handwriting of different doctors. However, computer-generated medical reports have neat handwriting, and the medical data and doctor's advice are all clear at a glance, supporting custom Word report templates.
    Convenient information collection and retrieval: Through the physical examination information system, each department is connected through a computer network, and the physical examination information of all departments can be queried on the general examination computer, making it convenient to summarize.
    Big data management: personal physical examination files can be established through the information system, which has powerful statistics and analysis functions, realizing data storage, query, statistics, analysis, export and other functions, and can generate various reports.
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