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  • 公共衛生隨訪包與健康體檢車怎么一起使用?

    摘要: 搭載車載體檢工作站,通過刷身份證或人臉識別方式快速創建健康檔案和信息登記,可進行常規檢查、生化檢測、輔助檢查等多項健康檢測,自動采
    Equipped with a professional on-board medical examination workstation, health records and information registration can be quickly created through swiping ID cards or facial recognition. Multiple health tests such as routine examinations, biochemical tests, and auxiliary examinations can be performed, and the medical examination data can be automatically collected and uploaded to the local public health system. Equipped with advanced biochemical, blood, urine and other fully automatic analysis equipment, capable of on-site analysis and rapid report issuance. Improve the accessibility and equalization of basic medical and public health services in communities, and promote the implementation of the national policy of benefiting people with basic public health services.
    Applicable to community health service centers, township health centers, and national public health examination services in rural areas.
    Product configuration
    ●  支持第三版《國家基本公共衛生服務規范》要求的體檢項目:
    ● Support the physical examination items required by the third edition of the National Basic Public Health Service Standards:
    Routine examination: height and weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, body temperature, traditional Chinese medicine constitution, waist circumference, physical sign inquiries, etc
    Biochemical testing: blood routine, blood biochemistry, urine routine
    Auxiliary examination: B-ultrasound, electrocardiogram
    ●  選擇成熟車型設計定制化改裝方案,配有遮陽棚、外部廣播音響、外部顯示屏,方便高效率組織現場人員進行體檢。
    ● Select the customized modification scheme of mature vehicle design, equipped with sunshade, external broadcast audio, and external display screen, so as to facilitate the efficient organization of on-site personnel for physical examination.
    Advantages and characteristics
    ●  高效便捷的體檢流程,自動采集上傳體檢數據
    Efficient and convenient physical examination process, automatically collecting and uploading physical examination data
    借助先進的智能醫療設備,實現自動創建檔案、自動識別身份、自動登記、自動采集上傳數據等;根據國家規定的格式要求,自動匯總生成查體結果,上傳到衛生主管部門健康檔案系統中,操作簡單,自動化程度高;搭載智能影像分析系統(AI)、輔助診療系統(CDSS) ,提升疾病篩查能力。
    By utilizing advanced intelligent medical equipment, automatic file creation, identity recognition, registration, and data collection and uploading can be achieved; According to the format requirements stipulated by the state, automatically summarize and generate physical examination results, and upload them to the health record system of the health regulatory department. The operation is simple and the degree of automation is high; Equipped with intelligent imaging analysis system (AI) and auxiliary diagnosis and treatment system (CDSS), to enhance disease screening capabilities.
    ●  功能更齊全,支持現場采樣、分析、查看體檢報告
    More complete functions, supporting on-site sampling, analysis, and viewing of physical examination reports
    Equipped with automatic biochemical analyzer, automatic blood analyzer, urine analyzer and other detection equipment, it can complete the detection of blood biochemical, blood routine and urine routine items on the site, issue the detection report, and support on-site printing, which is fast and efficient.
    ●  配有外部顯示屏,可現場開展政策宣傳和健康教育工作
    Equipped with an external display screen for on-site policy promotion and health education work
    Moving the promotion of national basic public health policies, health education, and other work to the doorstep of ordinary people can provide on-site health guidance based on the situation of residents, and enhance their awareness of self health management.
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