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  • 健康小站使用的意義在哪?

    摘要: 我們飲食習慣和生活方式也由原來的單一生活變為豐富多彩,飲食結構也由清淡轉為高脂高蛋白。因此,生活方式的轉變給人們帶來了不少健康問題
    Our dietary habits and lifestyle have also changed from a single lifestyle to a rich and colorful one, and our dietary structure has also shifted from light to high fat and protein. Therefore, the transformation of lifestyle has brought many health problems to people, but also buried great hidden dangers. At the same time, the improvement of material and cultural life has also led to a continuous enhancement of people's health awareness. People are also increasingly concerned about their own health status, and the demand for knowledge about health diseases and other aspects is also becoming stronger. The development and promotion of health websites greatly meet people's needs.
    Effective prevention and control of chronic diseases
    Through the health station, long-term health monitoring can be carried out for chronic patients, providing health guidance and dietary guidance, helping them improve their health awareness, form good lifestyle habits, and achieve controllable improvement in their condition.
    Provide close range health services, and include the entire population in the scope of health management through extensive distribution in community pharmacies, enterprises, and schools, achieving the goal of "staying indoors for minor illnesses and chronic illnesses".
    Addressing the Challenges of 'Aging'
    The "Health Station" utilizes high-tech and specialized health service institutions in health monitoring to provide emergency warnings for chronic disease prevention and daily health care for the elderly population, achieving home based elderly care in the community.
    Health Station
    The intelligent health station automatically self-help measures height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, fat content, basal metabolism, water content, blood oxygen content, dietary nutrition analysis, sports guidance, health guidance and other medical services. The whole process is carried out in the way of screen touch. Through real-time voice prompts, video guides the detection personnel to complete the measurement independently, and provides on-site printing of medical examination results.
    The promotion and use of health stations will further standardize the diagnosis and treatment behavior of village doctors, which will help improve the basic medical service capacity of village clinics. Not only that, the "Health Station" will also lay the foundation for the contracted services of village doctors, allowing the masses to enjoy convenient medical and health services at their doorstep, thereby gradually achieving graded diagnosis and treatment.
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